Preconstruction Projects in Ajax

Ajax is a city in the Greater Toronto Area of Ontario, Canada with a population of around 126,666 as of 2021. It is located along the shores of Lake Ontario about 20 minutes east of downtown Toronto.

Some key facts and attractions in Ajax:

  • Originally established in 1941 as a planned community to house workers involved in manufacturing and shipbuilding during World War II. The town was named after the HMS Ajax, a Royal Navy cruiser that served in WWII.
  • Main industries today include manufacturing, healthcare, retail, education, and technology. Major employers include auto parts manufacturers, the nuclear industry, and several large retail stores.
  • Home to several parks, trails, and conservation areas along the Lake Ontario waterfront such as Rotary Park, Paradise Park, and Greenwood Conservation Area. The Waterfront Trail runs through Ajax for cycling and walking.
  • Features a lively downtown area in Pickering Village with shops, restaurants, and a farmers market. Also home to the Ajax Downs racetrack.
  • The Ajax Public Library has four branches throughout the city.
  • Hosts several festivals and events each year like the Ajax Waterfront Festival, Ribfest, and Canada Day celebrations.
  • Offers arts and cultural venues like the Ajax Creative Arts Centre, outdoor art installations, and performing arts theatre.
  • Sports facilities include ice rinks, soccer fields, baseball diamonds, biking trails, and golf courses. The Toronto Golf Club is located just outside Ajax.
  • Education: Ajax has French & English public elementary and secondary schools, Durham College campus, and University of Ontario Institute of Technology campus.
  • Demographics: Ajax has around 126,666 residents as of 2021. The population is quite diverse with immigrants making up 42% of residents, with top countries of origin being India, Philippines, and China.

In summary, Ajax is a fast-growing and multicultural suburb within the Greater Toronto Area that offers scenic waterfront trails, conservation areas, a lively downtown, and proximity to Toronto’s amenities. Its history as a planned WWII community can still be seen in preserved buildings and monuments around town.