Sora at The Glade

Sora at The Glade is a fresh and exciting pre-construction townhouse community designed by Fusion Homes. Situated at the charming 43 Everton Drive in Guelph, this development is poised to captivate and delight all who venture its way. Don’t miss out on a unique opportunity to be a part of this vibrant and growing community!

The town of East Guelph boasts a distinct character and a host of hidden gems; a treasure trove of daily essentials and leisure pursuits are ripe for Sora at the Glade Towns’ residents. In this neighbourhood, everything from culinary delights to retail therapy and entertainment is easily within reach.

This prime location is heralded for its top schools, public library, parks, and sports fields – all perfect for fostering vibrant young minds. And because it’s located close to the University of Guelph and Conestoga campuses, it’s also an ideal spot for post-secondary students. Make Sora at the Glade Towns your home base for a happy, thriving family!

At Fusion Homes, a strong commitment to honesty, continuous growth, unwavering focus, and exceptional quality underpins each residence’s foundation. By exceeding the expectations of every single customer, Fusion Homes has established itself as a trailblazer in the industry.

The Glade Condos

Experience the best of urban living at The Glade Condos, Fusion Homes’ newest development in vibrant Guelph. Nestled between Wyndham St and Surrey St E, this condominium offers a luxurious style with all the convenience of a modern city center home.

Are you looking for an escape to a place of wonder and adventure? Look no further than The Glade from Fusion Homes—a community that merges together the characters, stories, and warmth of your favorite childhood bedtime tales. Immerse yourself among fireflies dancing in thick forests as kids laugh around you without care; each day is brimming full with potential new experiences waiting just ahead. Additionally, bask under sunny skies even when rain clouds cover the landscape! To find out more about this exciting opportunity, please feel free to fill out our “Request More Info” form today.

Marquis Modern Towns

Marquis Modern Towns offers an exciting opportunity to experience life in a thriving and vibrant community. With its convenient location at the intersection of Woolwich St & Woodlawn Rd W, Guelph, Reids Heritage Homes has created a dream home development for those seeking modern luxury living.

Enjoy the best of modern living in Guelph with Marquis Modern Towns! These stylish homes offer a contemporary vibe and dynamic lifestyle, featuring spacious layouts and energy-efficient features that are sure to please. Plus, they’re located conveniently close to many establishments you’ll love – offering an exciting yet convenient experience like no other. Take your urban life up a notch at Marquis Modern Towns today!


Welcome to Anthem, The Metalworks’ fourth phase located in Downtown Guelph. Ebb and flow with the rhythm of the river. Bask in the sun-soaked melodies filling the square. Quiet your mind in the lounge as the next song begins. The sounds of The Metalworks resonates within. Immerse yourself in the unique genre of living that is The Metalworks, uniting the new and old. Inspired by the residents themselves, and Guelph’s rich cultural landscape, Anthem is a harmonious union of brick and glass, metal and masonry, classical and modernity. This phase sings of a new era of living in a historic tone.