Aoyuan International

Aoyuan International

Aoyuan International Investment Group (‘Aoyuan International’) is a subsidiary of Aoyuan, that is aimed at propelling the investment, development and operation of properties internationally such as Sydney Australia, Vancouver Canada, Toronto Canada, Hong Kong and Macao, China.

In order to adapt to the changing conditions and to seek out new property development opportunities, Aoyuan’s Board of Directors made the strategic decision to establish Aoyuan International as an offshore investment arm to take international projects to new heights.

Aoyuan International specialises in the investment and management of international property development projects and after several years of rapid expansion, has proven its strength and capabilities worldwide. Aoyuan International has become a new driver of Aoyuan’s business and profits, highlighting the increasingly fast pace of its internationalisation.

With the One30 Hyde Park project, Aoyuan International set a new price record for apartments in Australia. The project has since been used as a case study to demonstrate a successful model for offshore property project financing among Chinese real estate enterprises.

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