Why is Fort Erie Best For Living? Luckily new condos are coming soon.

Fort Erie

Peace Bridge, The U.S.-Canada Connectivity 

The Peace Bridge is a breathtakingly beautiful and iconic bridge that spans the Niagara River, connecting Buffalo, in the United States, and Fort Erie, Ontario, in Canada. This bridge symbolises friendship and cooperation between the United States and Canada and is a testament to the strong relationship between these two countries.


The Niagara River is a natural wonder between the Great Lakes of Erie and Ontario. The Peace Bridge is one of the many attractions that draw visitors to this stunning region. The bridge’s unique design, curved arches, and elegant lines have made it a popular subject for photographers and artists.


But the Peace Bridge isn’t just a work of art and a vital transportation link between the United States and Canada. Millions of vehicles and pedestrians cross the bridge every year, making it an important economic artery for the region.


If you’re looking for a place to live that offers the best of both worlds – a bustling city on one side and the natural beauty of the Niagara River on the other – then the Peace Bridge region is an excellent choice. The area is home to various communities, from the urban centre of Buffalo to the charming small towns of Fort Erie and Niagara-on-the-Lake.


Buying a home in this region is a wise investment, as property values are stable and the area continues to grow and develop. Plus, you’ll always be energised with much to see and do in the area, from hiking and biking along the river to exploring the nearby wineries and attractions.


The Peace Bridge is a stunning architectural masterpiece, a vital transportation link, and a symbol of peace and friendship between the two nations. If you’re looking for a place to call home that offers the best of both worlds – urban convenience and natural beauty – then the Peace Bridge region is an excellent choice.


History and Tradition are the core of the construction

Fort Erie in the Niagara Region is close to the US and Canada boundary area, making the city more valuable in Ontario. It has a mix of old and new neighbourhoods, and several modern developments have been established in recent years. Some of the areas that attract you to Fort Erie include:


  1. Ridgeway by the Lake

This new development is located in the village of Ridgeway and is known for its historic buildings. It offers a mix of single-family homes, townhouses, and condos. The community has access to a private beach, a clubhouse, and a pool.


  1. Black Creek

The nature-friendly area is located on the northside of Fort Erie. It offers a mix of natural and history-conducted feel for you. The bank of the Niagara river made this place more convenient for those who chose Fort Erie for living or work. The neighbourhood has more than moderation.


  1. Crescent Park

The park with a tennis court is more than a park for the fitness lover. The central location of crescent park makes it feasible from almost all sides of the city. 


  1. Stevensville

Stevensville’s small community is located just west of Fort Erie—with peaceful surroundings and the finest place to spend time on your own. The community has access to a park, a community centre, and a library.


  1. Bay Beach

Open each side of the shore of Lake Erie, the best area to explore. Public events and beach availability is always the best option for the family. The community has access to a private beach, a marina, and a clubhouse.

These are just some of the current hometowns in Fort Erie. The area has many other neighbourhoods and developments, each with unique features and amenities.

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